Why lagers? Why not ales like every other craft brewery? Simply put: we love lager. Nothing beats a lager for clean, crisp flavor. And because the rest of the craft brewing world spends most of its time on ales, not so many people appreciate just what you can do with a lager. It turns out that with some creativity, hard work, and lots of patience you can make beers that are out of this world. Trust us, these are not your grandfather’s lagers – the things we can do with a lager will astound you.



Wolverine Premium Lager
4.8% abv/15 IBU - Always on Tap

Our flagship beer. Remember when everyone used to drink a certain classic American lager made here in Michigan? Yeah, we do too. And now you can do that again, thanks to us. Made with all American ingredients, including water straight from the Huron River in Washtenaw County, Michigan, this brew is designed to quench your thirst for a flavorful, easy-drinking smooth lager beer. The brilliant, golden color enhances the experience of the true malt flavor and crisp finish of your new everyday beer.

Wolverine Dark Lager
5% abv /19 IBU - Always on Tap

Are you afraid of the dark? Don’t be. This is Michigan’s smoothest dark beer, a dark beer even people who don’t think they like dark beer will love. Wolverine Dark will win you over with a mild maltiness balanced by a crisp feel on your tongue and a smooth finish.

Wolverine Amber Lager
5.8% abv / 22 IBU - Always on Tap

Our award winning Amber is brewed in the Vienna Style with a blend of Vienna malt, Munich malt, and Pilsner malt. This traditional lager is medium bodied, showcasing a slight toasty aroma, and perfectly layered with delicate malt flavors. By using choice German Noble hops it drinks with a well-balanced and session-able finish. The beauty of this brew is it’s clean, savory taste that is matched only by its vibrant amber color.

Bluewater Light Lager
4.6% abv / 12 IBU / 92 calories
The concept for the Bluewater Light comes from founders Matt and Trevor, who wanted to offer the option of a lower calorie lager. At just 92 calories (!) not only is the Bluewater Light lower in calories than Wolverine Premium Lager it is also lighter bodied, with less residual malt sweetness and more highly carbonated to give a little extra “bite” when drinking. Don’t be fooled – light lagers are extremely difficult to get just right, especially on the small, craft brewing scale. This beer is a full member of the Lager Revolution.


The Gulo Gulo – India Pale Lager **NAMED ONE OF DRAFT MAGAZINE’S TOP 25 BEERS OF 2013!**
6.7% abv / 65 IBU – Always on tap
This ground-breaking style combines the essential ingredients and hopping methods used to create a world-class I.P.A.  Then using our expert lagering techniques and house lager yeast we created an instant favorite among the existing and steadily growing number of “hop-heads” and craft “lager-heads” in the beer world today.  Gulo Gulo I.P.L. is hopped with Cascade, Chinook, Columbus, Warrior and Pilgrim hops.  It is dry-hopped once in the fermenter and then a second time with whole-cone Cascade hops before packaging.

Gulo Noir – India Black Lager
6.5% abv / 61 IBU – Usually available in the summer
Think Gulo Gulo, with a dark side. Gulo Noir is the crown jewel for those IPA lovers with a weakness for stouts and porters. This beer starts with Pale malt from Canada and then uses roasted wheat, roasted barley, and a few secret malt additions to give us the perfect platform for this deep, dark, hopped up lager. Beyond the wicked grain bill we carefully layered Cluster, Zythos, and Citra hops throughout this onyx-colored brew, which bring you a memorable and lasting bond of roastiness and hoppiness.

Gulo Revilo – India Red Lager
7.4% abv / 85 IBU – Available around Valentine’s Day
And yes, it comes in red, too. This luscious red lager is brewed using a unique malt bill that not only gives it its beautiful garnet hues but also creates Revilo’s intricate caramel and toffee flavors that meld lovingly with the enormous amount of hops the brewers use. We couple Noble hops in the first part of the brew, giving the beer its bitterness, with fruity American hops for flavor and aroma, and the combination produces our hoppy red lager. Usually released around Valentine’s Day. Bonus points if you can read “Revilo” backwards…


Wolverine Winter Lager
6.5% abv / 18 IBU – Available November through February
This cold-weather seasonal was designed to make your winter warmer rather than to match a particular style. We start with hearty Maris Otter malt from the UK. Then we add Special Roast barley from Wisconsin, before heading back across the pond for some dark German Munich malt and German Wheat malt for some added character. We top that off with a blend of dark, rich, caramel malts and the result is an extremely smooth and silky lager beer with a hint of alcohol in the flavor and a clean finish…the perfect beer for drinking by the fire.

Verano Mexican Lager.
4.5% abv / 15 IBU - Available June through August
Our signature summer beer, Verano is an easy-drinking and flavorful amber lager brewed in the tradition of Mexican lagers. Best enjoyed with a fresh lime. Salud!

Big House Brown
3.8% abv / 23 IBU
Our football seasonal. We brew this beer at the end of every summer to brace ourselves for fall and to celebrate the coming of football. Packed with big flavors, the name is oxymoronic as it weighs in at just 3.8% abv, making it perfect for Indian summers or for long football Saturdays.

Wolverine Oktoberfest
7% abv / 24 IBU – Available late September – October
This festive German lager is traditionally brewed at the end of the winter brewing season and then lagered/stored cold during the summer months, to be released to adoring fans in September just in time for the season’s festivities. Our take our this classic style spends months fermenting until it finally adopts the soft, complex, and elegant character it is known for.


Cucurbita Smiles Pumpkin Spiced Lager 9% abv / 25 IBU – available October This beer uses a very cool recipe of grains that includes oats, biscuit malt and a very dark crystal malt that gives the beer its unique burnt-orange hue. We then use 65 pounds of 100% pure pumpkin puree and 50 pounds of brown sugar right in the boil kettle. Coupled with nutmeg and our special touch of Saigon Cinnamon (think “Big Red” chewing gum) we create a pumpkin pie flavor. With a lingering kiss of real vanilla beans for dry hopping, we deem this beer ready only when the vanilla gives its special character to the finished beer.


Wolverine Massacre Imperial Dark Lager
10.5% abv /XX IBU – Sold only in October.
If you have never called a lager “ferocious” then you haven’t tried Massacre. We start with an imperial dark lager and age it in heavy-toast Kentucky bourbon barrels until it’s ready to package, at which point we dip each precious bottle in red wax to seal in the deliciousness. Very limited production, sold only in October. Make sure to get yours while it lasts.

Gulo Cubed Imperial India Pale Lager
9.0% abv / 90 IBU
Truly the next stage of evolution in lager. The biggest and burliest of our IPLs, this mutant high gravity brew is literally three times the Gulo Gulo recipe! We had to make a few changes to fit all the malt in our brew house and get a little creative with our hopping to get it all in there but man is it worth the effort. Gulo Cubed, despite the massive amount hops, actually drinks even more smoothly than the original Gulo Gulo thanks to the extra grain. In the end we get a huge, hoppy lager up to its fangs in flavor.


’38 Redemption
5.9% abv / 27 IBU
Brother beer of the Round 12 Munich Dunkel, this “Black Beer” or “Black Pilsner” is less rich and malty than the dunkel and known for its poignant roast character, crisp malt profile, and distinct hopping, very similar to a traditional pilsner. It’s named for the 1938 title fight rematch between Louis and Schmeling when amidst the cultural and political hype Louis defeated Schmeling by TKO in the first round.

40 oz. of Freedom
9% abv / 40 IBU
This Imperial Pilsner was no less than a revelation for Head Brewer Oliver Roberts as a serious experiment in high gravity brewing. The extra attention required during the fermentation process and the closely monitored temperatures during the lagering phase were key to producing a beer that is so smooth and clean at 9% abv. We used all Saaz hops in order to get the traditional spicy character of a crisp, golden pilsner.

Abalus Amber
5.0% abv / 33 IBU
Double Hopped Amber Lager. We call this one a mistake gone right. Head Brewer Oliver Roberts accidentally ordered an extra batch worth of ingredients for a Wolverine Amber brew – oops! So instead of waiting to use the grains he decided to double up the hops, adding some citrusy American varieties into the mix of Noble hops, then dry hopping it with whole leaf Cascade cones. A whole new take on an already great beer. And oh yeah, we didn’t filter this one so the beer evolves over time as well.

Barista Coffee Lager
6.2% abv / 20 IBU
A collobration brew with Ann Arbor’s RoosRoast featuring locally roasted Colombian coffee. Wolverine Brewer Karl Hinburn, once in the coffee roasting business himself, spearheaded the coffee side of this beer, finally selecting a Colombian Excelso bean roasted at Roos. Part beer, part coffee, what’s not to love?

Basement Fire
5.8% abv / 20 IBU’s
A smoked pepper lager, this beer is straightforward and totally in your face, a supremely drinkable smoked beer. We chose cherry smoked malt to give the Basement Fire its subtle smoky flavor and upfront smoky aroma and when that didn’t seem like enough we added a pound of butcher’s block pepper to the brew kettle. And then as the beer conditioned we wanted more! So we decided to age the nearly finished lager on chipotle peppers along with white, black, and red peppercorns. We sampled the beer twice every day to make sure we got it right. Man, that’s a smoky and peppery beer!

6.2% abv / 38 IBU
This beer has traveled with Head Brewer Oliver Roberts for years – from his days as a homebrewer to his time brewing the beer as an ale at Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. and now finally as a lager. This unique and complex beer is defined by obscene amounts of Biscuit malt that imparts a special character of toastiness, bread crust, and a sharp sourdough flavor. The sweetness of the malt base and smoothness from the oats, wheat, and Vienna malt combine with four different hop varieties to bring you one of our most distinctive all-malt lagers.

Chrysalis Wit Lager
4.8% abv / 16 IBU
Our goal is to push the boundaries of what is considered normal in lager beer. Our first foray in to blending yeasts, the Chrysalis Wit Lager is a wit beer, or white beer. Typically a Belgian style ale, we started with the same Belgian wit yeast and blended it with our house lager yeast to get the best of both worlds. We then built the lager from the ground up with American Pilsner malts and Raw White Wheat, Noble hops, sweet orange peel, and ground coriander. This refreshing session beer is perfect on a hot summer day.

Classic American Pilsner
5.5% abv / 32 IBU
This lost beer style that was once a staple in the American beer landscape during the pre-Prohibition era was resurrected by an Ann Arborite named Jeff Renner years ago. It was originally the immigrant brewer’s version of a German Pilsner using American ingredients like 6-row barley and corn, and hops native to the US. We brew ours with advice and guidance from Renner and cold condition it for over two months before serving. Cold and crisp hardly begin to describe this delicious brew.

Common Reaction
5.0% abv / 33 IBU
Another one of our hybrid beers. The Common Reaction is a California Common style beer, made by fermenting a lager yeast at a warmer temperature than usual. This process helps create more fruity malt flavors and showcases the US Northern Brewer hops, which are known their their minty, woody, and sometimes rustic flavors.

Czech Pilsner
5.4% abv / 35 IBU
Many of the famous beer styles get their signature character from ingredients and water sources local to the brewery. We did our best to replicate a Czech Pilsner by using the softest water we could get, malt from Bavaria, and generous amounts of the distinctive Czech Saaz hops, known for its spicy personality.

Drag Me To Helles
7.5% abv / 29 IBU – Available in May
Our take on the Maibock, a traditional spring beer in Germany. This beer is characterized by its spicy hop aroma and rich malt flavors that are both refreshing and perfect for the onset of spring. We brew our Maibock to hit the top end of color and hoppiness for the style, bringing you a complex and yet easy drinking German-style lager. We use all German malt and 100% German Hallertau hops. Prost!

Double Fisted Dopplebock
6.9% abv / 24 IBU
Admittedly still a work in progress for Head Brewer Oliver Roberts and team, this very rich and malty lager is brewed to have all the hefty character of a German dopplebock but with a lower alcohol content.

Faustian Stout
8.7% abv / 34 IBU
Don’t the let name confuse you. This Baltic porter – a style borrowing from Russian Imperial Stouts and Brown Porters – is rich and complex and yeah, it’s a lager, not a stout. We named ours after Faust, the literary character who traded his soul to the Devil to obtain knowledge and wealth. We made a similar deal to give this rich dark lager the devilishly roasty character it enjoys. The Faustian Stout combines malty sweetness with the aroma of dark, dried fruit, licorice, toffee, and caramel notes. With its higher abv and smooth finish this beer makes a great sipper.

Greenthumb Session India Pale Lager (aka “Baby Gulo”)
4.6% abv/ 41 IBU – Available March-April
Like Gulo Gulo, but smaller! A brewer favorite, this beer required every  bit of our team’s knowledge and experience with lower-alcohol/high hoppiness brewing. Oliver worked hard to pick the right barleys to lend the foundation for the fruity, citrusy American hops that are packed in to this lager. With its distinct flavors and aromas of pear, coupled with its eager to please bitterness, this beer is our one of kind celebration of springtime.

Hickory Dickory Bock
6.6% abv / 21 IBU
We brewed a traditional Bock beer, rich in malty character, toasty, and strong. Then we lagered it cold on top of cured hickory to impart the unique qualities of the wood, giving the beer flavors of mesquite, marshmallow, and light smoke. Aging the beer on hickory also smooths out the taste and gives it an incredibly clean finish.

High ‘n Dry Rye Pils
5.3% abv / 26 IBU’s
A crisp and refreshing Pilsner made with rye. Pilsner malt, Rye malt, and spicy Saaz hops are all we needed to make this amazing take on a classic beer. We take a little extra time in the brew kettle to create some of the rich malt character that complements the spiciness of the rye and the hops.

Hopstadt Altbier
4.3% abv/ 40 IBU
This Dusseldorft Altbier was brewed in the old style of German ales and took Gold at the World Expo of Beer in 2013. We call it a hybrid lager because we use a German ale yeast and then ferment the beer as cold as we can, lagering it for up to eight weeks in true Wolverine Brewing fashion. the result is a well balanced, bitter, malty brew that people describe as clean, smooth, and slightly dry. Great for pairing with food, especially rich German fare.

Round 12 Munich Dunkel
5.6% abv / 24 IBU
One of two specialty dark lagers, this one is named for the boxing match in which the underdog -  Max Schmeling, a German former heavyweight champion, defeated local Michigan hero and American icon Joe Louis in the twelfth round at Yankee Stadium in 1936. Characterized by the depth and complexity provided by the German malt, this beer is bready and rich without being too sweet.

Shiny New Toy
5.3% abv / 27 IBU
This copper lager was built freestyle from grain to hops, aged on American white oak that is known for its rich, aromatic character and vanilla flavors. We released it for the first time just after Christmas 2012 – our first beer aged on wood and not in a barrel previously used for spirits. The result is a unique balance of hop flavor and bitterness – a real favorite in the Tap Room.

Smoking Gunn
6.3% abv / 23 IBU
Scottish Lager with Peated Malt. This beer comes to us from Rick Wilson, whose Scottish heritage traces back to Clan Gunn. The base beer is noe that mimics a 90/shilling ale but the added peated malt gives it a clean, smoky aroma and the flavor of a well-made scotch. Of course in true Wolverine fashion the fact that this beer is a lager gives the beer a smooth, crisp profile, allowing us to showcase the nuances of the malt as the hearty flavor of the Maris Otter malt from the UK and the generous dose of dark crystal malts. We balance the malts with East Kent Golding and Willamette hops.

Snakes on a Shamrock
4.6% abv / 21 IBU – Available in March
Brewed for St. Patrick’s Day, this Irish Red Lager is easily one of our best beers to date. Named in part for the legend of St. Patrick and his banishment of snakes from Ireland and in part for the cult classic (?) Snakes on a Plane, you might wonder about the name but you won’t wonder about the beer.

Volitionist Stout Lager
5.2% abv / 54 IBU
Of our own free will we decided to make a lager version of a stout, something none of us had ever seen before. The brainchild of Brewer Karl Hinbern, this beer illustrates our commitment to the Lager Revolution and features classic roasty stout flavors like coffee and chocolate. We thought hard about how to make our lager yeast work with the roasted and chocolate barleys and the result is a soft, dry, smooth lager with a tiny hint of malt sweetness.


Harvest Deluxe Wet Hop Lager

Wet Hop / Fresh Hop Pale Lager  Hoppedwith 28 lbs. of Michigan Grown Cascade Wet Hops  5.3% abv / ~50 ibu