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Why lagers? Why not ales like every other craft brewery? Simply put: we love lagers. Nothing beats a lager for clean, crisp flavor. And because the rest of the craft brewing world spends most of its time on ales, not as many people appreciate just what you can do with a lager. It turns out that with some creativity, hard work, and patience, you can make beers that are out of this world. Trust us, these are not your grandfather’s lagers – we’re taking ‘em to a whole new level. 

The Premium Lagers

  • Wolverine Premium Lager
  • Wolverine Dark Lager
  • Wolverine Amber Lager
  • Bluewater Light Lager

India Pale Lagers

  • The Gulo Gulo – India Pale Lager
  • Gulo Noir – India Black Lager
  • Revilo – India Red Lager
  • Au Sable – Rye India Pale Lager

Seasonal Lagers

  • Wolverine Winter Lager
  • Verano Mexican Lager
  • Big House Brown
  • Wolverine Oktoberfest
  • Cucurbita Smiles Pumpkin Spiced Lager

Ferocious Lagers

  • Wolverine Massacre Imperial Dark Lager
  • Gulo Cubed Imperial India Pale Lager

Rotating Lagers

  • ’38 Redemption
  • 40 oz. of Freedom
  • Abalus Amber
  • Au Sable Rye IPL
  • Barista Coffee Lager
  • Basement Fire
  • Breadwinner
  • Chrysalis Wit Lager
  • Classic American Pilsner
  • Common Reaction
  • Czech Pilsner
  • Drag Me To Helles
  • Double Fisted Doppelbock
  • Faustian Stout
  • Greenthumb Session India Pale Lager
  • Hickory Dickory Bock
  • High ‘n Dry Rye Pils
  • Hopstadt Altbier
  • Round 12 Munich Dunkel
  • Shiny New Toy
  • Smoking Gunn
  • Snakes on a Shamrock
  • Volitionist Stout Lager
  • Harvest Deluxe Wet Hop Lager