Us, the Short Version

Like many great Michigan ideas, Wolverine Beer was born in a Jeep, in a snowstorm, on I-75. We (that is to say, Matt Roy and Trevor Thrall, Wolverine’s fearless founders), were heading up north for a guys weekend of poker and snowmobiling. The trip took forever thanks to the snow, but it gave us time to talk about all the beer we had in the cooler. We had enough beer for a small army – microbrews from all over Michigan, imports from Europe, St. Louis, and Milwaukee…

But, as we talked, we realized something big was missing. We didn’t have a regular Michigan beer, a beer made in Michigan that everyone could enjoy, a beer that said, “I’m from Michigan, and my beer kicks ass!” We talked about that for a long time. Eventually, we realized we could either keep complaining, or we could do something about it. And that’s when we decided to start Wolverine State Brewing Company and make a beer that all Michigan beer drinkers could enjoy and be proud to call their own. That’s how the idea for Wolverine Premium Lager, our flagship brew, was born.

After a couple years of making and selling the stuff, we realized that we needed someone to help them spread the good word about Wolverine. Enter the Beer Wench. Previously known by her actual name, E.T. Crowe, the Beer Wench’s natural gift for generating buzz and spreading excitement helped propel the company forward to a point where it was finally time to build out a brewery of our own.

At this point, it became clear that the team was going to need some additional manpower to help brew Wolverine and to create the new recipes that people had started calling for us to deliver. As it turned out, we didn’t have to look far: Oliver Roberts, Ann Arborite and brewer extraordinaire, joined the team and jumped right in, helping to manage the brewing and the buildout of the brewery and tap room.

As everyone who has seen a six pack or one of our posters knows, a defining element of Wolverine is its kick-ass design. All the art work is thanks to our Art Director, Brian Walline, who has been with us since the beginning, helping align our look and feel with our products and our vision.